The railway industry is the industry which INTERMECH has been associated with from the very beginning of its activity.

We manufacture parts and assemblies for bogies and freight cars as well as for the passenger vehicles, such as:

  • the front beam of the Y25 railway bogie frame – our company was the only one in Poland to launch a specially designed line for hot bending of the front beam made of C-section,
  • guide bodies,
  • parts burned from the metal blech and machined parts included in the construction of trolleys,
  • steering system: steering socket, steering pin, pin, clip, bearing,
  • complete side slides,
  • complete joints / knuckles intended for the construction of the articulated wagons for transporting containers type 627Za of the Sggmrss series,
  • frames and pins intended for the construction of the wagons for the transport of the containers,
  • double-acting pneumatic actuators type 418V.
  • transport carts,
  • front snow blowers, plows

At the request of our clients, we execute:

  • plain wheels for the ET22 locomotive,
  • spoked wheels for the ET21 locomotive,
  • gear discs for the ET21 locomotive.
  • bearing housings (axle boxes),
  • yokes,
  • bearing brackets,
  • fork supports.