INTERMECH has the production halls with a total area of ​​nearly 7,000 m2. We are equipped with both conventional and numerically controlled machine tools.

Conventional machines:

  • Milling machines
  • Bandsaws (max. Cutting Diameter 580mm)
  • Vertical lathes (max. turning diameter 3200mm)
  • Face lathes (max. turning diameter 1200mm)
  • Center lathes (max. turning length 2000mm)
  • Radial drills (max. pitch diameter 2000mm)
  • Hole grinder (max. grinding diameter 650mm)
  • Center grinder (max. grinding length 2000mm)
  • Flat / horizontal grinders
  • Horizontal drilling machine (max. Drilling length L=1600mm)
INTERMECH Sp. z o.o. Stalowa Wola

CNC machines:

  • Gas burner (6000x2000x300)
  • CNC machining centers (machining range max. X=850mm, y=750mm)
  • CNC boring machines (max. X=3500, y=2500)
  • CNC face lathes (max. turning diameter 580mm)
  • CNC vertical lathes (max. turning diameter 3100mm)

Additionally, the company is equipped with:

  • installation for hot bending the front beam for a rail bogie,
  • installation for drawing the hot wires for veterinary medicine,
  • welding machines with the additional equipment,
  • rolling mill for rolling the blech with a thickness of max. 50mm,
  • induction hardening furnace with a power of 150 kW and a frequency of 10 to 30 kHz,
  • tempering furnace with a chamber of 3000x2500x570(h)mm,
  • pass-through shot blasting machine for parts with dimensions: width 1400mm and height 400mm,
  • measurement tools, including the Nikon Metrology MCA II measuring frame,
  • specialized test and research stands.