INTERMECH Sp. z o. o. focuses on the development and the innovation, which is why we implement our ideas to improve manufacturing technology, we work on new solutions and we participate in the various projects.

The front beam of a railway carriage bogie

One of the most important structural elements of a wagon bogie is the head beam. It stabilizes the structure, and its shape ensures the best distribution of the stresses arising during the operation of the trolley.

In 2010, we commissioned an automated line for hot bending of the front beams used in Y25 railway bogies. This line is a joint effort of our engineers and the scientists from the Poznań Institute of Metal Forming.

The starting material used for the production of the front beam is a hot-rolled C-section made of steel grade S355J2+N. The properly prepared material goes to the feeding table, and from there automatically to the resistance furnace, where the charge is heated to 850°C. Then the material is moved to the shaping device, where the slide presses the material horizontally with a force of 60 tons. After bending, the C-section is moved to shape the beam vertically, where the pressure is 400 tons. After this operation, the beam goes to the storage area for cooling and inspection. We implemented the idea of ​​automating this production as part of the project: ‘Automation of the production processes through the use of an innovative technology for the production of the front beams at P.P.U.H. INTERMECH Sp. z o. o.’. We are the only company in Poland to make it using such technology.

Large-size wire bearing

In the years 2016 – 2019, we worked together with the Metal Forming Institute in Poznań on the project ‘R&D work on the innovative large-size wire bearings based on the lightweight construction materials.’

The production of the large-size wire bearings requires specialist knowledge and advanced technology. The high demand for an innovative technological and material solution of the machine, defence and transport industries makes our large-size wire ring bearing a product highly appreciated by the customers.

Thanks to the innovative manufacturing technology, our bearings are lighter, less energy-intensive and characterized by reduction of the internal resistance compared to the competitive products. Our customers also appreciate the fact that the bearings have a longer service life and a greater operating temperature range.

We are the only company in Poland that produces light large-size bearings with a maximum outer diameter of nearly 2,300mm.

Bioresorbable threads and wires

In 2022, the company in cooperation with the Poznań Institute of Technology, the AGH University of Science and Technology Stanisław Staszic from Kraków, the company BHH Mikromed Sp. z o. o. from Dąbrowa Górnicza and Vetcare Group Sp. z o. o. (Veterinary Clinic Doctor of Veterinary Science Dariusz Niedzielski) from Wrocław, completed work related to the development of the technology for the production of the threads and wires used in the veterinary medicine as part of the project entitled ‘Comprehensive development and preparation for the implementation of the innovative solutions for implants in the treatment of animals, surgical tools for their implantology and surgical biodegradable threads for the veterinary medicine – CatDogMed’.

The parameters for the production of the ZnMg alloy wire were developed by the research team of the AGH University of Science and Technology Stanisław Staszic in Kraków, which based on the proprietary software using the finite element method (FEM), selected the most optimal wire drawing parameters (including drawing speed, drawing temperature, diameters of dies). Part of the wire-making process takes place at 350°C and part at room temperature.

As part of the project, we have designed and manufactured a modular production station, where we produce bioresorbable threads and wires made of ZnMg alloy with a diameter of ø 0.8 mm and ø 1.00mm.

Our products are characterized by the number of bends around 25. This is a sufficient value to make a reliable durable knot.